Steering Committee Election Candidates 2007

The candidates in the 2007 Steering Committee election include:

Candidate Hanane Becha
This confirms my acceptance of a nomination to the OpenCSA Steering Committee, and my ability to meet the time commitments.

Here is some background information to help voters.

Hanane is a key member of the Nortel Strategic Standards development team, leading the creation of Nortel-wide standards strategy for SOA and Web Services and participating in the development of SOA related standards and specifications

Hanane is focused on Business Process modeling notations and execution engine development. She is active in OASIS as well as several other Standards Development Organizations. Hanane is Nortel's leader for the Object Management Group (OMG). As well, she is the editor of multiple documents at the International Telecommunications Union Standardization (ITU-T) Sector including one of the most important documents being developed within the ITU-T's IPTV Focus Group: "IPTV Services Requirements". In ITU-T Study Group 13 (Q2) she is the editor of Draft Recommendation Y.ngn-openenv: Open Service Environment capabilities for NGN. Service Component Architecture (SCA) specifications will extend and complement prior approaches leveraging the SOA enabling technologies for building applications and systems. Hanane has a special interest in SCA WS-BPEL Client and Implementation (BPEL C&I) models that specify how WS-BPEL processes can be used as SCA components. Working for a large telecommunication company, she has an end-user perspective and will work with other Steering Committee members to encourage specifications developed within the OpenCSA Member Section to consider how BPEL and SCA will address the telecommunications industry's needs.

Hanane has extensive experience in delivering client-services in the area of information management by gathering, assessing, validating, developing and testing user requirements using the Rational Unified Process (RUP) methodology and multiple related tools. She is a part time professor at Ottawa University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and has published a number of articles related to Distributed Computing and Mobile Agents.

In addition to providing an end-user industry perspective for the OpenCSA, Hanane's personal background provides a valuable global perspective.

Hanane has very good written and spoken skills (fluent in English and
French) with public speaking experience. She is effective in telecommuting and virtual team participation.

Candidate David Burke
I confirm my acceptance of nomination to the Open CSA Steering Committee, and my ability to meet the time commitments. Here is my

David has been working in the software industry for over 17 years, and has focused on enterprise software concerns for the past 10 years.
Internally, within TIBCO Software, David champions and manages the adoption and support of relevant standards within the company's various products. Currently, he manages the infrastructure components for ActiveMatrix Service Grid, TIBCO's new service virtualization platform, which provides a service container framework based on the SCA specification.

David's broad experience in the industry includes working directly with customers, analysts, and software developers, bringing leading solutions to solve enterprise-scale challenges. He has presented at developer conferences and has authored books and articles on software development.
David looks forward on this opportunity to work with the Open CSA Member Section and advance its mission as it fosters standards for Service Oriented Architectures.

Candidate Chris Cheng
As required by the nomination process, I accept the nomination to participate in the Open CSA Steering committee. And I can commit to the time required to perform the duties.
Some Background:
Chris Cheng is Vice President and Head of Research and Development of Primeton Technologies, a leader in component-oriented development and operations platform in China. He currently represents Primeton in the Chinese National Information Standards Committee Software Components Workgroup, The National High Technology Research and Development Program (863), and National Key Information Technology Commercialization Program. Prior to joining Primeton, he was the chief technical spokesman for BEA Systems (China) Ltd., and prior to that, he was the middleware pillar leader of east china region for IBM (China). He has written numerous white papers and technical articles for industry and media.
I believe that SCA/SDO will be the mainstream programming model and technologies for the SOA wave in the next 10 years, I also believe that China is the emergent and massive market for this technology’s application.
Chris Cheng
VP of Primeton Technologies Ltd.
Cell: 86-1350-194-4818
Tel: 86-21-50805188 * 639
Fax: 86-21-50801900
goCom Community:
Add.: Floor 4, No. 456, Bibo Road, Shanghai, 201203

Candidate Bob Freund
Bob Freund
Executive Staff,
Hitachi Ltd


Bob represents Hitachi Ltd. in several Internet-related activities. Hitachi utilizes SOA technologies in a broad industrial and commercial systems base both for end user and embedded systems. Within Hitachi, distributed systems software has become a major design consideration and an important component across its various business segments.

Bob has more than thirty-seven years of computer industry experience in hardware, software and systems architecture, design, and development. Commercial systems development has been a concentration with particular attention to functional distribution and security.

Bob's recent standards involvement includes participation in the OASIS WS-RM, WS-RX, and the WS-TX Technical committees and the WS-I Requirements gathering working group. Currently he chairs the WS-I Reliable Secure Profile Working Group and the W3C WS-Addressing Working Group.

His commercial systems experience includes the architecture and development of a distributed back-office banking system for Citicorp based on pre-announcement IBM hardware, an order processing system for Waldenbooks, telecommunications systems for Exxon, Continental Grain, and The Trane Company, and a building control system which met the needs for fire security in high-rise commercial buildings in New York City. These experiences included early implementations of SNA and TCP/IP protocols before vendor support was available.

Bob was responsible for operations at the Software Development Division of Hitachi Computer Products, (America) Inc. from 1988 through 2003 and has served in a number of executive positions. At National Semiconductor from 1978 to 1988, he managed the Microprocessor Group's software business unit, which included a Unix operating system development group located in Santa Clara California, a compiler and tools group located in Herzliya Israel, and a line of microcomputer instrumentation products manufactured in Hong Kong. Due to his international experience, he was assigned as executive liaison to key customers in Japan.

His electronic engineering accomplishments include the invention of signature transducers used for an Air Force security system, the design of disk controllers, electronic toys for Creative Playthings and IBM-compatible mainframe processor micro-code and channel subsystems. Several patents were awarded in conjunction with this technical work.

Hitachi, Ltd., (NYSE: HIT / TSE: 6501), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a leading global electronics company with approximately 356,000 employees worldwide. Fiscal 2005 (ended March 31, 2006) consolidated sales totaled 9,464 billion yen ($80.9 billion). The company offers a wide range of systems, products and services in market sectors including information systems, electronic devices, power and industrial systems, consumer products, materials and financial services. For more information on Hitachi, please visit the company's website at

Candidate Steve Jones
Steve is currently Head of SOA and SaaS for Capgemini's global outsourcing business and is the executive sponsor for Capgemini's membership of both OASIS and the Java Community Process. Steve has been an active contributor to various standards efforts most recently within OASIS as a member of the OASIS SOA RM, as a member of the Open Group's Organisational Architecture group and as a discenting member of Java SE 6. Steve has acted as an advisor on several product advisory groups and is a regular presenter on SOA topics at both technical and industry conferences, for example as part of the keynote of JavaOne 2006, IEEE Saint 2003 and Microsoft Architecture Insight conference in 2007. In 2005 Steve was the co-author of an SOA methodology that was contributed to OASIS and in 2006 had the book "Enterprise SOA Adoption Strategies" published. Steve's other publications include "Toward an acceptable definition of service" in IEEE Software during 2005 and various conference technical proceedings and online articles.

Steve's previous roles at Capgemini were as CTO of Application Development and Transformation and as the Head of Enterprise Java within the UK technology business, where he was responsible for driving Capgemini's engagement with the Java Community Process and OASIS and transforming the way Capgemini delivered Java and .NET technology projects. Steve has acted as an SOA consultant for many global companies in the past 7 years working on transformational agendas, driving SOA from a business perspective and delivering large and complex global integration projects. Steve's original background is in Air Traffic Control systems and defence and he was educated at the University of York.

Candidate Kalyan Kolachala
As required by the nomination process, I accept the nomination to participate in the Open CSA Steering committee. I can commit to the time required to perform the duties.

I head SOAMatrix (, a product vendor in the SOA space. The primary motivation is to be able to help contribute to standards that we are using/working on and share the expertise of the SOAMatrix team and the needs/concerns of our customers.

I and others at SOAMatrix have been involved with SOA for a long time and passionate about OSOA and its benefits to the SOA community and I have been instrumental in getting the current and past employers involved with OSOA. The same passion and experience should serve well in steering Open CSA to the desired goals. My involvement and interactions with various vendors, partners in the SOA space should also help me contribute effectively.

My background in brief:
Kalyan has over 13 years of experience - almost exclusively in enterprise product development. He was managing offshore development in India for the last 5 years with Nokia, Divine, and BEA in a techno-managerial role and was responsible for delivery of multiple products/releases. Last couple of jobs were at BEA India managing the development and performance teams for the integration products (WebLogic Integration and AquaLogic Service Bus) and at Fiorano (as VP, Engineering) managing engineering for all Fiorano products.

He has rich experience in SOA, middleware, EAI, NMS, Compilers, libraries, E-commerce, and Collaboration space using Web Services, Java/J2EE, CORBA, and C++ and was also involved in C++ standardization. He is a graduate in Computer Science from IIT Kharagpur (1993). His professional interests include MDA, Enterprise architecture, Software Product Engineering, and process/technology improvements. He has been a featured speaker on seminars involving SOA and relevant technologies.


Kalyan Kolachala
Phone: +91-80-2555-2505
Mobile: +91-98803-12766
SOAMatrix (

Candidate Patrick Leonard
Patrick Leonard
Vice President, Product Development
As VP of Product Development, Patrick is responsible for software engineering
and product strategy for all Rogue Wave products. To this role, Patrick brings a broad range of software and technology industry experience including software design and development, product strategy, international markets experience, public policy, professional services, and product marketing. He serves in the Open SOA specification body for Service Component Architecture (SCA) and as company representative to government organizations.

Before joining Rogue Wave, Patrick created new e-business and distributed
enterprise application products for J.D. Edwards (now part of Oracle). Prior to
that, he designed and built custom enterprise systems for Accenture (formerly
Andersen Consulting).

Patrick authored a patent for Content Based Routing, which was awarded in
2003. Outside of the office, he pursues various activities including oil painting,
skiing, and mountain biking.

Candidate Mark Little
Dr Mark Little is Technical Development Manager for Red Hat's SOA Platform and Director of Standards. Before joining Red Hat, Mark has been responsible for the development and management of the JBossESB and JBoss Transactions products. He joined JBoss in a partial acquisition of technology from Arjuna Technologies, where he as Chief Architect, Co-Founder and Director. Before starting Arjuna Technologies, he was a Distinguished Engineer at Hewlett-Packard, where he ran the transactions teams and was responsible for the world's first Web Services transactions product.

Over the years Mark has been heavily involved in standards. This includes activities in the OMG, where he was a collaborator on the Object Transaction Service (OTS) specifications since 1991 and chair of the Additional Structuring Mechanisms for the OTS standard. He has been involved with OASIS since 2000, where he was HPs representative on the Business Transactions Technical committee. He's also been involved with various other OASIS committees, such as WS-CAF, WS-TX, WS-RX, SOA-RM and WS-RF, working closely with colleagues from Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, BEA and other companies. Since it began, Dr Little has been involved with the W3C WS-Addressing working group and is also on the WS-Policy and WS-CDL committees. He is also active in the Java Community Process, as Red Hat's representative on the JCP and in several JSRs.

Dr Little has been the lead developer and manager on a number of important products for companies including Hewlett-Packard and Red Hat. These include the first fully compliant OTS implementation as well as the world's first pure Java transaction service. He has extensive experience in the areas of fault tolerance, reliability, transactions, Web Services and SOA.

Mark has published extensively over the past 20 years at workshops, conferences, trade magazines etc. He is a co-author on 4 books, covering topics from distributed transactions to enterprise SOA. He has over 50 publications to his name and has presented at over 40 events. He is co-author on several Web Services specifications before they entered a standards body, including WS-Context, WS-MessageDelivery, WS-Coordination and WS-TX. He has also worked on papers and articles with colleagues/friends from Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, IONA Technologies and others.

Candidate Eric Samson
Eric Samson is working on persistence and Data Access since mid 80's.
As such, he is working on mapping business object models onto various data sources (databases, XML, mainframe transactions, packaged applications...).
Eric Samson, as Xcalia's CTO, is a member of the Java Data Objects (JDO) expert group within the Java Community Process (JCP).
Eric Samson, as Xcalia's CTO, is a member of the EJB3 expert group within the Java Community Process, mostly involved in the Java Persistence API specification (JPA).
Eric Samson and Xcalia are working on SDO since the very beginning and are member of Open SOA since the beginning of this initiative.
We are also working on new standards like DAS.

Since its inception, Xcalia provides Data Access solutions based on standards.
Xcalia is strongly committed to implement solutions based on standards, and tries to avoid proprietary solutions, as far as possible. Xcalia first contributes to the various specification of standards, and then Xcalia actually implements them. Xcalia has implemented SDO since 2005. We now have Java and .Net SDO 2 compliant interfaces.

Xcalia is focused on Data Access in a service-oriented world, so SDO is critical to its business.
That's why Xcalia will continue to push SDO and I'm ready to spend the required time and energy on this important standard.
Xcalia is also interested in Web Services standards related to transactions (WS-T...) and is willing to see how to combine them with SDO.

Candidate Peter Walker
Peter Walker, senior staff engineer at Sun Microsystems, is currently working in the SOA/Business Integration Group responsible for the Java CAPS product suite.

He has been a member of the SCA ( WGs (Assembly and Java WGs
specifically) since the middle of last year and looks forward to the completion of the set of SCA standards in the OASIS Open CSA TCs.

He is currently speclead of JSR 312 (Java Business Integration 2.0), having been co-speclead of JSR 208 (Java Business Integration 1.0) in the past. One of the goals of JBI 2.0 is to specify the alignment of JBI with the SCA model. He has also participated in other JSRs in the past including topics on Web Services and Transactions.

He is Sun's Primary Technical Representative to the OMG, currently primarily involved with MDA activities and BPMN there. He has been involved with various OMG activities since early 1993 and served as the ORB/Object Services Task Force Chair between mid 1996 and late 1998 and was elected to the OMG's Architecture Board, serving between 2000 and 2002. He is also currently Sun's alternate voter on the Java Community Process Executive Committee.

Prior to joining Sun's Integration initiative, Peter was in the J2EE Application Server team for several years. Before joining Sun he was involved in a variety of projects that spanned from the Airline Reservations and Financial Services sectors to a 12 year stint with the Telecommunications industry in the UK. Peter holds a B.Sc. in Physics from Edinburgh University.