SCA Client & Implementation: Spring

The SCA Java Client and Implementation model for Spring specifies how the Spring Framework can be used with SCA. The goals of this effort are:

Coarse-grained integration: The integration with Spring will be at the SCA Composite level, where a Spring application context provides a complete composite, exposing services and using references via SCA. This means that a Spring application context defines the internal structure of a composite implementation.

Start from SCA Component Type: It should be possible to use Spring to implement any SCA Composite that uses WSDL or Java interfaces to define services, possibly with some SCA specific extensions.

Start from Spring context: It should be possible to use any valid Spring application context as the implementation of a component within SCA. In particular, it should be possible to generate an SCA Composite from any Spring context and use that composite within an SCA assembly.

This specification can be downloaded from the Open SOA Collaboration.