OASIS seeks member comments on draft charters for six new SCA TCs

Members of OASIS Open CSA have submitted draft charters for six new Technical Committees to advance development of the Service Component Architecture (SCA) family of specifications:

  • SCA Policy TC, convened by Michael Rowley of BEA;
  • SCA Assembly TC, convened by Jeff Mischkinsky of Oracle;
  • SCA Bindings TC convened by Mike Edwards of IBM;
  • SCA/J TC, convened by Henning Blohm of SAP;
  • SCA BPEL TC, convened by Mike Edwards of IBM; and
  • SCA C/C++ TC, convened by Bryan Aupperle of IBM

OASIS members are asked to review these charters and provide comments via the oasis-charter-discuss@lists.oasis-open.org mailing list by 13 July 2007.

More details and links to the draft charters can be found at: