SCA Bindings Specifications

SCA Bindings apply to services and references. Bindings allow services to be provided, and references to be satisfied, via particular access methods or transports.

The Web service bindings allow one to access an external reference or expose SCA services using Web services technologies. SCA provides a compositional view of interconnections among service components whereas Web services provide an interoperable way to access the service components. The Web service binding also provides the interoperability glue between an SCA system and other services that are external to the SCA system but are used by composites within the SCA system.

The JMS binding allows SCA components to communicate using the JMS API. It provides JMS-specific details of the connection to the required JMS resources. It supports the use of Queue and Topic type destinations.

The EJB Session Bean bindings integrate a previously deployed session bean into an SCA assembly, and allows one to expose SCA services to clients which use the EJB programming model. The EJB binding supports the stateless session bean model as well as the stateful session bean model.

This specification can be downloaded from the Open SOA Collaboration. For more information, see the Open SOA SCA Bindings page.