Mark Little, Ph.D., serves on the Steering Committee for the OASIS Open CSA Member Section; his term extends to May 2012.

Mark is Technical Development Manager for Red Hat's SOA Platform and Director of Standards. Before joining Red Hat, he was responsible for the development and management of the JBossESB and JBoss Transactions products. He joined JBoss in a partial acquisition of technology from Arjuna Technologies, where he was Chief Architect, Co-Founder and Director. Before starting Arjuna Technologies, Mark was a Distinguished Engineer at Hewlett-Packard, where he ran the transactions teams and was responsible for the world's first Web Services transactions product.

Over the years Mark has been heavily involved in standards. This includes activities in the OMG, where he was a collaborator on the Object Transaction Service (OTS) specifications since 1991 and chair of the Additional Structuring Mechanisms for the OTS standard. Mark has been involved with OASIS since 2000, where he was HP’s representative on the Business Transactions Technical Committee. He's also been involved with various other OASIS committees, such as WS-CAF, WS-TX, WS-RX, SOA-RM and WS-RF, working closely with colleagues from Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, BEA, and other companies. Since it began, Mark has been involved with the W3C WS-Addressing working group and is also on the WS-Policy and WS-CDL committees. He is active in the Java Community Process, as Red Hat's representative on the JCP and in several JSRs.

Mark has been the lead developer and manager on a number of important products for companies including Hewlett-Packard and Red Hat. These include the first fully compliant OTS implementation as well as the world's first pure Java transaction service. He has extensive experience in the areas of fault tolerance, reliability, transactions, Web Services and SOA.

Mark has published extensively over the past 20 years at workshops, conferences, trade magazines etc. He is a co-author of four books, covering topics from distributed transactions to enterprise SOA. He has over 50 publications to his name and has presented at over 40 events. He is co-author on several Web Services specifications before they entered a standards body, including WS-Context, WS-MessageDelivery, WS-Coordination and WS-TX. He has also worked on papers and articles with colleagues/friends from Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, IONA Technologies and



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