Half Day Service Component Architecture Briefings in China - Aug 25th & 29th, Sep 1st.

  • As Service-Oriented Architectures continue to grow and mature, developers and architects are faced with an ever-growing number of programming interfaces, transports, data sources and other details. Service Component Architecture (SCA) and Service Data Objects (SDO) provide a single programming interface for a wide variety of services and data sources. In this briefing, you'll see how the simplicity of SCA and SDO lets you focus on things that matter to your organization, not on the details of particular APIs.
  • As the start of a worldwide program, three half day briefings are planned:
    1. Aug 25th: Beijing
    2. Aug 29th: Shanghai
    3. Sep 1st: Shenzhen
  • Event is sponsored by IBM Corporation, but content is entirely vendor-neutral
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