Slide presentations
Open Source SOA with Service Component Architecture and Apache Tuscany
This tutorial was presented by Doug Tidwell of IBM at the OASIS Open Standards 2008 Symposium.

Podcasts Network World on SOA’s ready made architecture - Editor, Beth Schultz, interviews Duane Nickull of Adobe on why SCA is important to enterprise SOAs. Nickull discusses the latest developments in SCA, SOA, and “complementaries” between the two. [October 2007]

IT Conversations on Open CSA - Scott Mace of IT Conversations interviews Open CSA Steering Committee chair, Jeff Mischkinsky of Oracle, in this 20-minute podcast. Mischkinsky explains Open CSA's role in speeding development and assembly of business services and speaks about forthcoming OASIS-compliant developer tools which will "make SOA concrete." [April 2007]

Webinars Members of the Open CSA TCs gave a series of Webinars on aspects of SCA in December 2007. Recordings of the webinars are available, as also are the presentation slides used during the webinars:

Web sites Open SOA (OSOA) Collaboration Web site - OSOA is the vendor group that initiated development of SCA and SDO and contributed these families of specifications to OASIS for advancement and standardization in March 2007.

Apache Tuscany web site - the Apache Tuscany project is an open source runtime implementation of the SCA and SDO specifications.

Eclipse SOA Tools Project web site - the Eclipse SOA Tools project provides tools that support the creation of SCA services and compositions

Fabric3 web site - Fabric3 is an open source platform for developing, assembling and  managing distributed applications based on SCA.